Terms & Conditions @ Friar Street kitchen

We consider Friar Street Kitchen to be a relaxed, comfortable & enjoyable establishment and we hope you enjoy your visit to us. To help us maintain this high quality we do have a few rules to ensure the safety & enjoyment of our guests.

  • Deposits of ÂŁ10 per head required for parties of 8 or more (4 or more on a Friday / Saturday)

  • Late arrivals- We can only hold a table for a further 15 minutes after the due arrival time- unless informed otherwise

  • Intoxicated guests will not be served and will be asked to leave

  • We may contact you on the day of your reservation to confirm the booking

  • On busy evenings we may need to allocate a time to vacate the table

  • If dining outside, a card will be obtained

  • Always notify staff of any allergy or intolerance

  • Picnic benches must be pre- ordered with a minimum of 12 hours’ notice

  • Zero tolerance approach to rude & aggressive behaviour

“Whilst we welcome children during Lunch times, we politely ask that no children are dining after 7pm due to the size and atmosphere of the restaurant”

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